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The Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation (NJJF) established in 2017, aims at preserving and disseminating ancient Spiritual Knowledge of God Realisation for posterity and now.

The Foundation was established by Mrs. Sarika Nagrath, a lifelong spiritual seeker who wished to document, preserve, and share Spiritual Knowledge that she garnered through her hard-earned efforts and Guru Kripa over years of penance. By sharing the lost Spiritual Precepts and Eternal Truth, she hopes that other seekers may be guided in the right direction on their journey to Self-Realisation.

The Foundation is in its nascent stage and is expanding its work steadily. In the approaching years, it will publish several books written by Mrs. Nagrath. These books will reveal to modern society long lost, ancient spiritual sciences of liberation and enlightenment in today's technology ridden society. The books will work as reliable and honest guides for spiritual seekers all through their way. The Foundation will aid monetarily in the preservation of samadhis and penance spots of rishis and saints in India related to her writings in the blog.

Environmental issues, such as afforestation, and water conservation and harvesting in arid regions in India will also be addressed by the Foundation in due course of time.


Mrs. Sarika Nagrath
Author, Founder, Revivalist

Mrs. Sarika Nagrath has always been deeply drawn to philosophy, mysticism, spirituality, and spiritual sciences. Her own journey as a seeker began at a young age when as a child she found herself naturally drawn to ochre-clad yogis . She read books on saints and sages at an age when most children were engrossed in their make-believe worlds. She had visions of saints and yogis on a few occasions but kept those to herself. As a child, she was energetic, cheerful and an exceptional learner who loved her studies. She displayed fortitude, leadership qualities, and organisational abilities right from her early years.

As a young adult, she took on the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and school teacher. Even before she turned twenty, she experienced a life-threatening health episode that became a critical turning point in her spiritual journey. In an out of body experience, she, for the first time in this lifetime, saw her Immortal Guru and guide Shri Mahavatar Babaji, a Himalayan Yogi. Unknown to her, this was the first of many times that Babaji would come into her life bringing abundant gifts of solace, peace, divine unconditional love and unparalleled illumination.

As a householder, she carried out her duties sincerely and happily, though the search for the true meaning of her life was always at the back of her mind. She spent her quiet hours praying, reading and introspecting deeply. In the early stages of her spiritual quest, she took the guidance of a few gurus. When she couldn't find the answers to persistent life problems and was dissatisfied by her slack progress, she realised she had outgrown the class. She felt the need for an experienced and advanced Guru. One who was truly enlightened and was steadfast and powerful enough to guide her all the way till eternity. She waited for such a Guru to come into her life impatiently for many years.

There was a plateau in her personal and spiritual growth that extended for over 28 years. During this time, there was no specific development in her personal, professional, financial, or spiritual life. She faced this long haul of stagnation with a gratified mind and exceptional perseverance. She internalised her mind and senses and became quiet within. Her undying faith and longing to see Light within kept her going.

She took her life experiences as education and accepted life as it came. She further delved deeper into the real purpose of her life and developed great understanding about human behaviour, relationships and the impermanence lying behind all this.

She kept her mind focused enduringly on finding the Ultimate Truth and liberating herself by giving her external conditions very little importance. She sacrificed material benefits and worldly comforts without resentment. Without a Guru, she relied on her faint intuition and sturdy faith to show her the lit path. She continued extensive reading of scriptures and found support in the wise words of realised sages and saints. From time to time she grappled with despondency. At this point in time, she had a few paranormal experiences. She realised that she had a heightened instinct, could read and feel energies and people, and could connect to the other worlds effortlessly. She wished to go further and open the doors of the subsequent worlds.

Rare heightened spiritual experiences
In the year 2001, she relocated from New Delhi to Mumbai and this was a landmark turning point in her life. The efforts of the last three decades began to yield results in wondrous ways. There was a marked escalation in her spiritual experiences and attainments. She was able to sense surreal energies, read auras and heal through mental powers. She could travel to far off worlds and communicate with located beings of those worlds, and get answers about metaphysical matters. She could see and connect with departed souls and received several blessings from them for being selfless in her spiritual goals.

She began meditating regularly. Through meditation, she telepathically came in contact with her Param Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji, a Himalayan Yogi over 1800 years in age. He is working tirelessly to uplift humanity and turn human race towards truth, morality and spiritual growth.

This was the Guru she had been waiting for all her life. Twenty-eight years of stagnation culminated in God finally revealing her left behind Guru . She became a direct disciple of the exalted saint in no time and He guided her on personal and spiritual matters extensively. Over time, He introduced her to other great Yogis, rishis, and saints working from the astral plane in unity. She gained immensely from these immortal Gurus, communicating only through highly developed intuitive faculties. She travelled the length and breadth of the country, undertaking countless pilgrimages to intensify her purification and tapas.

Her natural intuition heightened further to become exceptional. She had darshan or face to face encounters with Siddhas, Rishis, Avatars and illumined saints countless times during transcendental periods. She brought down tremendous knowledge for herself to liberate her soul and free herself from the baggage of karmas of many lives through these heightened spiritual experiences. She gained extensive knowledge about the timeless and puzzling principles of action and reaction and their application in real life. She has documented some of her stellar experiences in her blog. They will always be an everlasting lamp of dazzling light to all eager and faithful aspirants. There was further advancement of her paranormal and cognitive faculties. She mastered astral travel and became proficient at communicating with immortal Sages, Rishis, Maharishis of yore through mind travel in far Spaces. Her mind and meditations became profound. She could travel back and forth in time on the timeline. She further gained momentum by meditating in highly vibrant, penance places of revival of these rishis; touched eternity besides travelling into void spaces in Universe with their blessings.

Once firmly established in being proficient with mental communications and increased mind power, she submitted herself wholly to service and began working in collaboration with her Gurus, ancient sages and Light Masters to help other worthy seekers. Her work is on both in the physical and astral plane. She is in close communion with rishis and receives messages from them. She is working with them in synchronization for her further advancement as well as for the benefit of other sadhaks who come to her to seek guidance for spiritual growth.

She is also presently collaborating with Amara Maharishi and Guruji Krishnananda of Manasa Foundation, Taponagar, Bangalore with the backing of the Sapt Rishis or Seven Sages. This is to help sadhaks gain the timeless spiritual knowledge of God Realisation and to learn Meditation. It is natural to link with Manasa Foundation as the Knowledge in her writings has touched Infinity level and her posts converge with the wisdom of Guruji of Manasa. Both the Foundations are issuing books for the augment of the New Age or Satya Yug and they aim to revive Yoga Vidya of ancient Sages. She will be learning from these rishis eternally about God and God's countless mysteries.

The rishis have spent years on research on the direct, shortest, and surest way to reach God appropriate for this time and age. Mrs. Nagrath is a live example on how to attain God in this lifetime. Her forte is applying a practical approach in dealing with life problems and challenges, and attaining Wisdom, Knowledge, and Peace through Karamyoga on the side. The works of the rishis and her when understood together give a seeker a complete road map of the spiritual journey to Self-Realisation, knowing Atma or God, and God's hidden principles for us to follow blindly.

In 2008, she began documenting her exceptional spiritual journey, her efforts, attainments, and most importantly, the messages from the Masters in her blog. At inception, the blog was guided by Shri Mahavatar Babaji. It now has the blessings of Shri Mahavatar Babaji's Paramgurus - Murugan Swami, Bogarnathar Maharishi, Agastya Maharishi, and many other saints and sages. This reflects in the articles published after she visited Dwarahat in September 2014. She meditated in the cave where Shri Mahavatar Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into Kriya Yoga in 1861 to bring about a new wave of spiritual enlightenment and purification in the society.

As she devoutly followed the counsel of her Gurus and transformed her life at an unprecedented pace, she went further on her spiritual trajectory than anyone would have anticipated. The blog witnessed the same expansion, escalation, and depth. The blog documents for posterity an ocean of divine knowledge on lost methods of achieving Self-Realisation by attaining peace and silence - maun and shanti in modern times. It presents to the seeker simple and practical ways in which God may be attained. She wrote without a break for 9 years and will continue in the future too unless God wills otherwise.

Seekers found her through the blog and there were exchanges over the blog and emails. Gradually, a group of sincere seekers was formed. She opened her home in 2011 to such seekers and began holding Discourses for one-to-one discussions and personal guidance. These Discourses were soon being organised in other cities too. In 2013, she took to Facebook to write in a more compact and crisp format, and spread the message further.

The Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation is a natural outcome of Mrs. Sarika Nagrath's unceasing and ardent efforts in Self-Realisation. This Foundation will give a defined channel to the spiritual service that she offers on the physical or worldly level.

Publications of her distinguished work and Discourses on Self-Realisation would be organised through NJJF. In this manner, the highest, unchanging tenets of spiritual realisations would reach a greater number of people over years. As the planet is a matter of serious concern to her Gurus and herself, she wishes to work on environmental issues, such as tree plantation and water conservation in the future through this Foundation. She firmly believes that people associated with her should realise the importance of preservation of our planet and involve themselves into restoration and conservation work through the Foundation.

Mrs. Nagrath attributes her Self-Realisation and rare spiritual achievements to her eternal Gurus who have held her hand steadfastly, guided her, and watched over her over lives. It is her personal desire to learn incessantly and work till the very end and help other sincere seekers reach their spiritual destinations with God's Grace.


Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation (NJJF), founded by Mrs. Sarika Nagrath, is a registered not-for-profit organisation that has spiritual and environmental aims.

Publication of books written by Mrs. Nagrath and Discourses on self-realisation would be undertaken by the Foundation. Through the Foundation, spiritual service would be extended to a larger number of people.

Going forward, the Foundation will undertake environmental activities like tree plantation and water harvesting.

The main objectives of the Foundation can be found here.


The aims and objectives of NJJF can be divided into two categories - Spiritual and Environmental

Spiritual Objectives
  • To spread spiritual awareness in the world through modern technology and communications to transform quality of human life through publications, workshops, and blog.
  • To preserve and spread ancient spiritual wisdom and revive long lost, forgotten spiritual science as given by the primitive sages and saints of India through books and NJJF.
  • To guide the present and future generations to make this planet more peaceful, non-aggressive, and harmonious.
  • To promote evolution and advancement of humanity through peaceful means by spreading knowledge, light, peace, and humanitarianism through books and NJJF.

Environmental Objectives
  • To collaborate and fund other NGOs for tree plantations with stress on Banyan and Peepal trees to improve the eroding environment of our planet.
  • To collaborate with either NGO for water harvesting and conservation efforts.

The current activities of NJJF can be found here.


All posts written by Mrs. Nagrath, Founder, NJJF, can be accessed on the blog. There are over 274 posts organised into 8 segments, with each succeeding post of a higher learning level. In recent times, audio and video links have been added in the blog posts, for easy accessibility of the content. Posts are also available through Podcasts.

The blog spreads the teachings of ancient, immortal saints. These saints have not left written documents on their Research and Knowledge, and this is the first time that they are telepathically sharing their Knowledge, adapted to modern times. The blog documents this Divine Knowledge for posterity and presents to the seeker simple ways in which God may be attained.

Mrs. Nagrath responds to all questions/queries written in the blog's comments section. She can be approached on email at spiritinlife AT gmail DOT com

Facebook is another medium through which Mrs. Nagrath writes and shares philosophical and spiritual knowledge, and the gospel of God. The posts here are presented in short capsules.

Discourses are platforms for direct interaction with Mrs. Nagrath and are aimed at giving seekers personal guidance and attention to energise and drive them forward on their path of self-actualisation. The workshops are organised in Navi Mumbai and other select cities.

Upcoming Discourses:
S. No. Place(s) Date(s) Topic(s)
1 Madurai 9th - 14th Nov 2017 In divine moments with Karthikeyan Swami - I,II,III
2 Pandharpur & Kolhapur (Maharashtra) 26th - 28th Jan 2018 Pilgrimage by road
3 Rishikesh 22nd - 25th Mar 2018 The after-effects of Meditation-I, II & III
4 Bangalore, visit to Manasa 15th - 17th Jun 2018 10th blog anniversary special
5 Dwarahat 15th - 22nd Sep 2018 Why is it essential to live one's life by God's will - I, II, & III
6 Pondicherry 13th - 19th Jan 2019 New posts on Agastya Maharishi

Discourses archive can be accessed here.


The upcoming events are listed below
S. No. Place(s) Date(s) Topic(s)
1 Madurai 9th - 14th Nov 2017 In divine moments with Karthikeyan Swami - I,II & III
2 Pandharpur & Kolhapur (Maharashtra) 26th - 28th Jan 2018 Pilgrimage by road
3 Rishikesh 22nd - 25th Mar 2018 The after-effects of Meditation-I, II & III
4 Bangalore, visit to Manasa 15th - 17th Jun 2018 10th blog anniversary special
5 Dwarahat 15th - 22nd Sep 2018 Why is it essential to live one's life by God's will - I, II, & III
6 Pondicherry 13th - 19th Jan 2019 New posts on Agastya Maharishi


How to associate:

  • Individual: Individuals interested in making personal and spiritual growth may benefit from the writings in the Spiritilife Blog and Facebook page. They may contact Mrs. Nagrath over email or the blog for questions and answers, and personal guidance at spiritinlife AT gmail DOT com.

    Currently the primary activities of NJJF are book publication and Discourses. As NJJF activities expand to committed environmental causes, the Foundation would be pleased to take on volunteers.

  • NGO: As NJJF's activities expand to include environmental issues such as afforestation and water harvesting, the Foundation will look forward to forge partnerships with other non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations. Any new activities of the Foundation shall be updated on this website.

  • Donations: All donations to NJJF are welcome. Donations shall be duly acknowledged with a receipt.
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